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New Zealand is located in the southern hemisphere of the globe. It comprises several islands but mainly divided into two islands i.e. northern island and southern island. The total area of New Zealand is 2,68,021 square kilometers. Its capital city is located in Wellington and mostly populated city is Auckland.

New Zealand’s current population is estimated at just over 4.75 million in 2018. The most recent census was held in 2018 but these results have not been released yet, however, we have the data from the previous census in 2013 when the total population was counted as 42,42,048 and the density of population is 18.2 per square kilometer.

According to estimated GDP of 2018, the total GDP is $ 199 billion and per capita income is $ 40266. And latest Human Development Index is 0.917 in New Zealand.

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Short Information

Primary Details of New Zealand


English, Maori


New Zealand dollar ($) (NZD)



Time Zone




Capital City



268,021 km2







Educational Qualification Framework System in New Zealand

Every country has own education system. The educational system of New Zealand has been divided into four major sectors. They are Secondary Schools, Private Training Establishments, Institute of Technology and Poly technique’s and Universities. The NZQF has divided it into different levels ranging from level 1 to 10 including school level education to universities.newzealand-visa

Following Chart describe the details NZQF Frameworks.

Accreditation Authorities in New Zealand

Accreditation is process of evaluating the quality of higher education institution as a whole or any specific program.External quality assurance of academic programs and institutions in New Zealand is undertaken by their sectors. Non – university sector is accredited by New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) and university is by Academic Quality Assurance for New Zealand Universities (AQA) and Committee on University Academic Programmed (CUAP)

    • New Zealand qualification authority (NZQA)
    • Academic quality assurance for New Zealand university (AQA)
    • Committee on university academic programs (CUAP)

Provision for Scholarships:

  • NASA Internships and New Zealand Space Agency Scholarships

For More Details:

  • Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia.

For More Details:

Academic Requirement

  • Diploma
    • Academic: 50% or equivalent
    • IELTS: 5.5 or Equivalent
    • Financial: 4 million +, BB & Statement
  • Bachelor
    • Academic: 50% or equivalent
    • IELTS: 6.0 or Equivalent
    • Financial: 4 million+, BB & Statement
  • Master
    • Academic: 50% or equivalent
    • IELTS: 6.5 or Equivalent
    • Financial:3 million +, BB & Statement

Nursing: Academic: 60% or equivalent, IELTS: 6.5 or equivalent


Required Documents for Offer of Place


Code of Practice for international students

International students are often younger and potentially very vulnerable. After the first few exciting and sometimes bewildering weeks, settling into New Zealand life can be a lonely, anxious time for some students. The Code makes sure that international students are well informed, safe and properly cared for. All education providers that enroll international students must be a signatory to the Code.

A new Code of Practice, the new Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016, came into effect on 1 July 2016.

The NZQA maintains the register of education providers that the Code applies to. International students cannot study at an institution that is not a signatory to the Code.

The Code makes sure that:

  • High professional standards are maintained
  • The recruitment and contracting of international students are done ethically and responsibly
  • Information supplied to students is comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date
  • Students are provided with information prior to entering into any commitments
  • The particular needs of international students are recognized
  • Students are in safe accommodation
  • All providers have fair procedures for resolving student grievances.

Immigration Rules

  • Academic Credentials
  • English Proficiency
  • Attendance: 80%
  • Class:3 to 4 Days/Week, 5Hrs
  • Work Permit: 20hrs/week, 40hrs/week (Vacation)
  • Post Study Work
  • Permanent Residency (PR) Options
  • Visa Extension Procedure
  • Deport Rules

Condition of visa Refusal

Your immigration officer must give you written reasons for his or her decision to decline your application based on immigration instructions.

  • Your application has not been lodged in a prescribed manner
  • Your application has not been prepared correctly or is missing information
  • You may not have applied for the most suitable visa for what you intend to do in New Zealand
  • Immigration New Zealand has identified health or character issues that make you ineligible.

Work right:

  • Work must be authorized
  • Able to work as authorized by the Secretary of State
  • Part-time during term-time, Full-time during vacations
  • Work limited to 20 hours per week at maximum during term-time

Visa Process

For New Zealand, you should must have the following documents

  • Apply for admission (Req Doc: Academic Documents, IELTS, Valid passport, Biodata and Cover letter)
  • Offer of Place
  • Docuentation Process
  • Medical
  • Visa Lodgment
  • Visa Interview
  • Decision
  • Depature

Amazing Facts

Know some interesting facts about New Zealand

New Zealanders love their cars! 2.5 million cars for 4 million people (including the kids) makes New Zealand’s car ownership rate one of the highest in the world.

Although it is around the size of Japan, New Zealand’s population is just over four million, making it one of the world’s least populated countries.

In 1893, New Zealand became the first country to give women the right to vote.

Sir Edmund Hillary, the first person to climb Mount Everest in 1953, was a New Zealander.

New Zealand is after all the very first country to greet each new day!

While Rugby remains the most popular spectator sport in New Zealand.

New Zealand won the first ever Rugby World Cup, held in 1987.

Here’s a really good reason to visit New Zealand – there are no snakes in the country!

There are also no nuclear power stations in New Zealand

Course Available

We have the following courses available in New Zealand

Management Studies
Management Studies
Hospitality and Tourism Management
Hospitality and Tourism Management
Dental, Medicine and Nursing
Dental, Medicine and Nursing

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We have been accreditd with the following organization.

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