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The United Kingdom, made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, is an island nation in northwestern Europe. The UK has long been one of the most influential countries on the globe. For centuries, the British Empire was the dominant force not only in Europe, but it was also able to extend its influence to every corner of the earth through exploration and colonization. At its height around the end of the 19th century, it was the largest empire in human history. To this day, the English language is accepted as the global lingua franca and is being taught and understood in nearly every country worldwide. Thus, the UK left an indelible mark on the world we live in today. Of course, its appeal still continues-the UK is still one of the most popular destinations for expats, exchange students, immigrants, and tourists.

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Short Information

Primary Details of UK




Pound Sterling (£) (GBP)



Time Zone

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244,820 km2






Educational Qualification Framework System in United Kingdom:

Accreditation Authorities in UK:

The British Accreditation Council (BAC), formerly known as The British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education, is an educational accreditation agency recognized by the British Government for international students entering the United Kingdom on student visitor visas.

Provision for Scholarships:

UK scholarships for international students can be divided into two major groups

  • Governmental Scholarships
  • Non-governmental Scholarships

Academic Requirement:

  • Bachelor
    •  Academic: 10+2 with 2.5 CGPA or Equivalent.
    • IELTS 6.0 or Equivalent.
  • Master
    • Academic: Bachelor with 50% or Equivalent.
    • IELTS 6.0 or Equivalent.

Documents Required for Offer Request:

  • All academic transcripts and certificates
  • Passport
  • IELTS Score
  • 2 recommendation letters from teachers
  • Work experience letter to fulfill gaps if any
  • Statement of Purpose
  • CV

Immigration Rules

  • Academic Credentials
  • English Proficiency
  • Attendance: 80%
  • Class:3 to 4 Days/Week,5Hrs
  • Work Permit: 20hrs/week,40hrs/week (Vacation)
  • Post Study Work (2 Years)
  • Permanent Residency (PR) Options
  • Visa Extension Procedure
  • Deport Rules

Condition of visa Refusal

Your immigration officer must give you written reasons for his or her decision to decline your application based on immigration instructions.

  • Your application has not been lodged in a prescribed manner
  • Your application has not been prepared correctly or is missing information
  • You may not have applied for the most suitable visa for what you intend to do in UK
  • Immigration UK has identified health or character issues that make you ineligible

Work right

  • Work must be authorized
  • Able to work as authorized by the Secretary of State
  • Work as in Tier 4 Rules
  • Restricted as in Tier 4 Rules
  • Restricted work – Part-time during term-time, Full-time during vacations
  • Restricted work time
  • Work limited to 20 hours per week at maximum during term-time

Visa Process

For UK, you should must have the following documents

  • Apply for admission (Req Docs: Academic Documents, IELTS, Passport, Bio data and Cover Letter)
  • Offer letter
  • Documentation
  • Bank Balance or Education Loan
  • Tuition fee payment for CAS
  • CAS Letter
  • Health Surcharge
  • Medical
  • VFS Appointment
  • Visa Lodgment
  • Departure or Withdraw

Amazing Facts

Know some interesting facts about UK

London’s transport system might be bigger than you think

Stonehenge is older than the Pyramids

The Queen might wish you a happy birthday

The Queen doesn’t have a passport

Great Britain isn’t the United Kingdom

London has the largest library in the world

Golf is Scotland’s national sport

Scotland also has a famous monster

Royal weddings are public holidays

Ancient languages are still spoken – albeit not widely

Course Available

We have the following courses available in UK

Hospitality and Tourism Management
Hospitality and Tourism Management
Dental, Medicine and Nursing
Dental, Medicine and Nursing
Computer and Information Technology
Computer and Information Technology
Business Management & Data Analytics
Business Management & Data Analytics

Accredited Organization

We have been accreditd with the following organization.

Ministery Of Education