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Popular courses that Nepalese student want to study abroad.

Students from Nepal have shown an increasing interest in studying abroad, and there are some courses quite popular amongst the majority of Nepalese students.

In 2016, 39,000 students from Nepal went overseas for their studies, as per UNESCO report. Although, this number is relatively low, when compared with other countries sending international students, there are prospects of a large number of students from Nepal seeking higher education abroad, in few years’ time.

In early 2017, a large number of international students were reported to migrate to Australia for their higher studies. The ratio of students heading to Australia was – 30% from China, 11% from India and 4% from Malaysia, Vietnam and Nepal.

Also, as per the 2017 Open Doors Report, the Nepali student population is the fastest-growing population amongst international students in the USA. The report released by SEVIS by the Numbers revealed that between May 2016 and May 2017, the number of Nepalese students heading to the USA increased by 18%.

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