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What Courses Does Nepali Student Wants to study abroad?

There are 4 fields quite popular amongst Nepali/Nepalese students who choose to study overseas.

1. Engineering

Engineering is a widely sought-after field, not just by Nepali students but students all over the world. More number of job opportunities, internships and scholarships, industry experience and possibility to get permanent residency abroad are some of the reasons why this field is one of the most chosen amongst students from various countries.

2. IT and Computer Science

There are computer graduates all over India and abroad. Similarly, people from Nepal are getting attracted to this course. Considering we live in a digital age, IT and computer science sectors are booming with advanced technologies and ideas. Thus, this field is and will always remain an evergreen field amongst students and professionals.

3. Hospitality

The hospitality industry is expanding at a breathing rate. In every city, street or town, you will find some restaurants or cafes or boutique hotels emerging in no time. As long as people love to travel, the hospitality industry will never lose its charm.This area is widely chosen by many Nepalese students, owing to its adequate practical exposure. A large number of Nepalese students are seen to be working in hospitality sectors due to the rising job opportunities.

4. Nursing

The healthcare sector is a vulnerable sector where changes are inevitable, and it needs constant attention. This is a widely chosen field of study by Nepalese students who want to specialise in nursing or healthcare practices.

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